Food Rescue

Nutritious - is in the eye of the consumer

Canadians waste about $31 billion of food every year. In North America, over 30%[*] of fruits and vegetables will not make it to the shelves because they don't look pretty enough. Ugly looking food also have lots of nutrients and we at Just be Water want to do something with it with our team.

How JBW approaches the issue

Thanks to our partner’s support, we will be collecting any overstocked grocery and food items from them. We will then package and put these into good use. Donate to other charities, repackage them at a value price to people in need and partner with other organizations that can use these ingredients for further processing. In short - we put in the efforts to put these fresh and nutritious food into good use.

JBW engages Communities

Everyone in the community can join this effort. Businesses or households with own garden, share your excess food with us! We always need volunteers to help our staff in all areas - sorting, packaging, delivering food. And through this effort, we let everyone in the community to engage with each other.